Eshop of digital production

Dec 03, 2022
Tags: web, hugo, frontend

Eshop of digital production


The need for an artist who creates digital music and wants to distribute it to their fans without depending on intermediary platforms. It was to include a simple shopping cart functionality with digital payment options in different currencies. The customer should then be able to download the album they have purchased.

Technical solution

The Hugo static website generator was chosen to create the website because of its simplicity and versatility. The design proposal was supplied by the client, which needed to be redesigned into a digital form. At the same time, it was necessary to select appropriate technologies and design the architecture of the user logic as well as the server-side authentication. For the dynamic user experience, I selected the alpine js library, which was simple to implement but sufficient for the requirements. The server stores the created orders and manages access to digital media.

Evaluation of the project

The result of the project is a user-friendly site that contains all the components needed to quickly create an order, along with the ability to download the selected album. From the admin side, there is the possibility to manage the menu through a simple admin interface. The use of a static generator ensures the speed of the entire website. The use of an external payment processing service also ensures high data security throughout the entire transaction time.