Nonprofit organization Bangladesh

Jan 03, 2022
Tags: web, hugo, frontend

Nonprofit organization Bangladesh


This project was a continuation of a previous collaboration with a client in Singapore who is also working with this non-profit organization. The old website contained an outdated design and technical solution. He therefore decided to redesign this site from the ground up.

Technical solution

The static website generator Hugo was chosen to create the website because of its simplicity and versatility. My task was to convert the design that was supplied by the client into a template usable with this static generator. At the same time, it was necessary to integrate the ability to easily manage multilingual content. For this, the Netlify CMS system was chosen.

Evaluation of the project

The result is a simple static website with a modern look and feel and easy to use on all kinds of devices. Thanks to the static technology, there is no need to do any updates or security audits. The use of a suitable tool also ensures the ability to add and edit existing page content without the need to understand the source code. It also includes the integration of all necessary metatags to simplify marketing.